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Yes…your computer and smart phone can train you!

In this modern world of ever-evolving technology, online training is the newest tool in fitness. TILT Online uses the industry-leading HFPN and dotFIT© engines, to give you access to training and nutrition programs. Anywhere. Any time.

  • An individual website is created for each client - with access to custom resistance, cardio and nutrition programs. The exact structure of Personal training is used (assessment, program design, and logging).
  • TILT Online can be used to achieve any goal – from general fitness improvement to sport-specific performance enhancement.
  • Exercise (resistance and cardio) programs are easy to follow – with diagrams and video of each exercise available. Workout logging promotes client accountability to the trainer.
  • With a 70,000+ food Calorie King™ database, meal plan design and food logging is comprehensive.
  • Cost-effective and perfect for the computer or smartphone savvy client.
  • This type of training is a perfect complement to all other TILT programs.


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